Dishwasher has known defect with pressure clamp coming loose at water source connection. This top line product was sold with a pressure clamp compression instead of a .50 cent worm drive clamp.

The clamp came off and ruined floor. Also shorted electrical and ruined pump. I've been billed 156.00 for the .50 cent clamp replacement (two trips). Now sears wants another $537.00 to replace pump.

However they wont guarantee something else isn't still wrong with it. The unit is one week out of warranty. The defect is a known issue. The techs know and its all over the Web.

Goodbye Sears- You have lost all of my families business forever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Ours was a piece of crap too! Sears maybe that’s why you won’t be around very long. You should have been gone long ago

Arvada, Colorado, United States #841241

Had the same issue. Sears knows but won't do anything except laugh all the way to the bank. No more Kenmore!

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